New chances matter


In the beginning, there was a patient…

In 1968 and 1998, Georges Gaston Lopez, received the kidney and liver transplant that prolonged his life.

We understand what it feels like to be waiting for an organ.

We know that transplantation has become a viable solution for increasing life expectancy.

This is why we founded IGL a company entirely devoted to donor organ preservation.



New product

RM4 is a renal perfusion system, designed to support the monitoring of either one or two kidneys.

The RM4 system provides controlled kidney perfusion of hypothermic solution, monitor, display, trend, export and save perfusion parameters, including perfusate flow, temperature, pressure, and renal resistance, as well as the organ identifiers.

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What we do

Offer the chance to all patients with end-stage chronic disease to be treated with transplantation

IGL is providing advanced transplantation technologies to support transplant teams all around the world

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Key metrics

A high success rate, recognized efficiency


Patients cured by transplantation


Patents filed for Technological innovations


Medical centers equipped with our technology


Years of research and support

Where we are

Our Transplantation Technologies are available All Around The World

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