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Our perfusion machines provide safe and secured environment where a physiologic solution is pumped through the explanted organ to minimize tissue damage. Perfusion parameters are controlled and recorded, offering clinicians’ additional data to evaluate the organ.


RM4 Kidney Perfusion System is FDA cleared in US.

RM4 is a renal perfusion system, designed to support monitoring of either one or two kidneys. RM4 system provides controlled kidney perfusion of hypothermic solution, monitor, display, trend, export and save perfusion parameters, including perfusate flow, temperature, pressure, and renal resistance, as well as the organ identifiers.

Available for the US market.

RM4 is used for the pulsatile hypothermic machine perfusion of either one or two kidneys from the same donor for preservation and eventual transplantation into a recipient. The system monitors perfusate flow, temperature, pressure, and renal resistance during preservation, and continually circulates a cooled solution (Waters IGL® Pulsatile Perfusion System or PERF-GEN) through the vascular vessels of the organs. The solution removes cell fragments and enables unbroken delivery of oxygen and substrates to the organs. The ion-pump activity as well as the metabolism, including adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis, are thereby maintained during the perfusion.
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+-Entering user information

Use the interface to enter user information

+-Placing the organ cassette

The cassette and the unit are designed to be automatically aligned. The cassette only fits onto the device in one position. Two latches allow to secure the cassette. A third latch allows to secure the pumphead. Temperature sensor, flow sensors, air line and pressure line are connected individually.

+-Activating the cooling pump

RM4 provides a regulated cold environment for the explanted kidney. The cold source used to create hypothermic conditions consists in a 4.5 liters water-and-ice slush, inserted in the reservoir.

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