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Our static preservation systems, comprised of specially formulated solutions and insulated shippers, provide safe and consistent method for cold ischemic storage and transport of donor organs. Our systems are adequate for all type of abdominal and thoracic organs.


IGL-1® is a clear, sterile, non-pyrogenic solution intended for hypothermic flushing and storage of organs (kidneys, liver, pancreas). IGL-1 solution has an osmolality of 290 mOsm/kg, a total sodium concentration of 120 mmol/L, a total potassium concentration of 25 mmol/L and a pH of 7.4 at room temperature.

IGL-1® solution has the following composition :

  • Lactobionic acid : 35,8 g/L
  • Adenosine : 1,336 g/L
  • Allopurinol : 0,136 g/L
  • Glutathione : 0,922 g/L
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG 35000) : 1 g/L
  • Potassium dihydrogen phosphate : 3,402 g/L
  • Raffinose pentahydrate : 17,84 g/L
  • Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate : 1,232 g/L
  • Sodium Hydroxide : qs pH : 7.4
  • Water for injection : qs 1 liter


Transparent multi-layer bag EVA/EVOH/EVA, EVA layer in contact with solution.

IGL-1® is marketed in 1-L bags and in 2-L bags.


Class III Medical device in Europe

  • Ensure complete flushing of blood
  • Decrease enzyme activity: cool the organ (hypothermic)1
  • Ischaemic reperfusion damage (IRI) reduction:
    1. Prevention grafts from tissue acidosis : phosphate, sulfate, and sodium hydoxide1
    2. Regeneration of high-energy substances : adenosine2
    3. Prevention of oxidative damage: glutathione and allopurinol4,5
    4. Prevention of hypothermia-induced cellular swelling and oedema: PEG + membrane-impermeable substances (Raffinose & Lactobionic acid)3

The IGL-1® Solution is an extra-cellular colloid solution with polyethylene glycol (PEG) as colloid polymer.


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